Tree Creations
     "bringing your wood back to life"

Trees are a beautiful part of nature; their serene and relaxing aura is part of what makes enjoying the outdoors so enjoyable, and Tree Creations is a great way to bring a small slice of nature indoors. 

Trees are what link garden to home and they have often grown alongside a family and planted many happy memories. Swinging on a swing from an old oak tree, apples collected from an apple tree, or shade and protection offered from an old tree are all memories that need not be lost when a favourite tree is felled.  


Utilizing the tree  into your home furnishings is a fantastic way for incorporating nature and fond memories into your decor.  From quirky oversized bark edged bowls, to chunky chopping boards and creatively designed lamp fixtures, these fantastic nature-inspired creations are an inventive way to pay tribute to the outdoors and be reminded of your old tree forever.  


What could be better than wedding of family gifts made from your own old tree?

Whether you're someone who loves the beauty of nature, or are just looking to enhance your interior decor with some eclectic items, these Tree Creations will definitely leave a lasting impression.  Working with you Waney Edge Woodcraft can create decorative or functional creations that will last a lifetime.

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