Freshly woodturned pieces, handcrafted by Bob. Nothing pleases Bob more than being able to share his collection and welcoming them to a new home.

All the wood is locally sourced or recycled. 

The creations come from the wood, and Bob follows the grain, colour and quirkiness of the wood to dictate the final outcomes. 

Please explore the bowls, chopping boards, waxes and oils, tree creations and other wood creations throughtout the website.




Hi I am Bob, Waney Edge Woodcraft is my business. I am a custom woodworker and woodturner. I enjoy taking local native wood and making unique, functional pieces that will last a lifetime. Nothing pleases me more than making things by hand and to see what lies beneath the bark of a tree.


I started my love of wood at a young age by working for the Forestry Commission, and then making creative things for gardens and homes. Recently, I was given the opportunity to spend a couple of years working and training on the Dartington Estate, Totnes, Devon. During that time I learnt to turn mainly bowls and plates and I was immediately hooked. I now work with wood and turn from my studio workshop in Thatcham, Berkshire and every day I am honing my skills to produce the best and most unique designs possible. I am blessed to be learning and constantly trying to stretch my design process.


The creations come from the wood and I allow the grain, colour and quirkiness of the wood to dictate the final outcomes. I source local wood such as oak, cherry, ash, maple, and yew but I will use any other locally harvested woods. I try to use materials that would otherwise be buried, burned or discarded. I enjoy making bespoke things especially, and I work with local tree surgeons and their clients who commission items made from the trees that have been felled and would otherwise be destined for firewood.


I am looking for galleries and craft shops to carry my handmade bowls, plates and kitchen woods and if you know of any galleries or are one, please contact me anytime. I offer a bespoke service and will happily work with you to make items to your designs.